I am a souls caresser, who helps people shine with their own light

I am a souls caresser,
who helps people shine
with their own light

Coaching is a courageous choice, where by discovering oneself we become better

Coaching is a courageous choice, where by discovering oneself we become better


"My greatest joy is seeing the excitement in my clients' faces as they discover the innate potential they possess, surprising themselves with resources they didn't know they had. With coaching, we have the opportunity to awaken to our innate potential. This journey unlocks aspects of ourselves that have been dormant, atrophied or never experienced."

What you can achieve through coaching

• Explore your personal values ​​and learn how to live them fully every day • Understand when it is your wise part or your saboteur that speaks to you • Discover your true passion and cultivate it in everyday life • Learn to face personal and professional challenges with clarity and effective strategies • Receive personalized support for your growth and change • Increase self-awareness and make more informed decisions • Improve your personal and professional relationships with effective communication skills •

Services I offer my clients


It is an au pair journey, where my role is to facilitate the reappearance of your innate potential, which may be muted, limited or never fully experienced.

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Individual service offered to support professionals who have lost their jobs and/or want a new job transition.

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For Team

Assistance in optimising the performance of teams through an in-depth analysis of work dynamics and interpersonal relationships.

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Design Your Life

For students, undergraduates and PhD students. Inner and professional emotional learning and retraining course, towards the discovery of one's Personal Brand and Storytelling.

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About me

A happy Buddhist
constantly evolving

My life is grounded in respect, justice and fairness, and I firmly believe in the dignity of every human being. I am permeated with compassion, empathy and a constant desire for personal growth, and I have been lucky enough to fail many times and restart as many times. I live by small and simple daily joys while trying to play down adversity with irony. I have always been passionate about helping others, through coaching I am able to do this in a professional way.
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What my clients say about me

2 Fabrizio M
"Giovanni helped me to put my projects into perspective and manage them more effectively during a highly stressful period. I was pleased to discover that at the end of the coaching sessions, I was equipped with a toolkit that continues to be useful. I always felt welcomed by his approach, which was completely open and calm. I believe that his empathy, along with his competence, is his greatest asset. His ability to easily understand situations and put himself in others’ shoes is not so common."
Fabrizio M.
Costing Manager
1 Matteo F
"His spirituality helped me a lot; I never felt wrong, even when I found myself very different from others. Thanks to Giovanni I started recognizing the way I was sabotaging myself in finding the right path for me."
Matteo F.
IT Manager
3 Sara P
"The main benefits have manifested through ongoing work. I often find myself having to make choices or reflections, and my mind goes back to the sessions, dusting off anecdotes and exchanges experienced in person. So, I can say that the benefits extend and always leave me with a sense of serenity and tranquility. I was struck by his direct yet attentive approach, punctual and precise in asking questions to help me understand myself in providing answers. A "journey" companion that I recommend to everyone. Thanks to you, I have recognized that I am a bearer of beauty ;)"
Sara P.
Wedding Planner
4 Christian S
"Through coaching with Giovanni, I have enhanced my innate positive strengths and characteristics, enabling me to achieve goals that previously seemed impossible. I was impressed by his extreme professionalism in coaching, maintaining an objective and detached approach despite our prior connection."
Christian S.
5 Gabriella D
"Very satisfied with the feeling we got and the direction given to my thoughts. Right from the start we set a goal and I am happy with the empathy we established, he allowed me to be myself."
Gabriella D.
Office clerk
6 Leonardo F
"In looking at the goals to be achieved and the problems to be solved what impressed and helped me most was looking forward rather than reasoning and thinking about the past. This allowed me to focus on my characteristics and values instead of getting stuck in my uncertainties and fears."
Leonardo F.
Stand Up Comedian
7 Stefano S
"I experienced remarkable benefits that simplified previous challenges, such as improving family relationships and discovering new perspectives on myself, providing me with inspiration even in activities I wish to excel at. The most notable aspect of my relationship with the coach was his empathetic approach: he allowed me to freely express my problems or requests for advice, and then calmly and professionally guided me toward self-discovery of appropriate solutions or suggestions."
Stefano S.
"The main benefit gained is the realization that we create our own destiny. What impressed me in Giovanni's approach was his ability to be both direct and empathetic, knowing how to adapt to the specific circumstances of the moment."
Mattia Z.
Vincent E.
"It took Giovanni 15 minutes to make me aware of my life purpose, during our first session together. He is very passionate as a coach, and what really differentiates him is that he coaches with his heart and soul more than his head. His intuitive capacities are really high and he creates an exceptional feeling of trust and safety. I also love the energy he brings to the session every time he coaches me! "
Vincent E.
Lifestyle Coach
Yara B
"Giovanni has a wonderful, sassy soul. I met Giovanni as my assistant in a Co-Active coaching class. His personality, vibrancy and positive approach have made a significant impact in our working environment. Giovanni is dedicated to coaching and transforming lives as much as he is dedicated to his favorite soccer team (that should tell you al lot! ;)"
Yara B.
Leadership expert,
Executive coach and trainer
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