Who I am

A happy Buddhist
constantly evolving

A happy Buddhist
constantly evolving

I believe in peace and the dignity of every human being

I believe in peace and the dignity
of every human being


When your determination changes, everything will begin to move in the direction you desire. The moment you resolve to be victorious, every nerve and fiber in your being will immediately orient itself toward your success.
On the other hand, if you think, “This is never going to work out,” then at that instant every cell in your being will be deflated and give up the fight.

Daisaku Ikeda, Buddhist philosopher, peacemaker, educator as well as writer and poet.

I consider myself a lucky person

I grew up in a family that passed on to me wholesome and precious values made up of respect, love and justice. The many friendships I have cultivated throughout my life have deeply enriched me. During my student years, although at the mercy of events and with my head somewhat in the clouds, I managed to graduate with a degree in Industrial Design. I worked a lot, even changing jobs often, starting from odd jobs as a laborer with my father, through cleaning offices with my mother, a few other typical tasks in the teenage era, then my first real job after my studies. I worked as a creative designer for 25 years, facing various challenges and enjoying many professional satisfactions accompanied also by some sound beatings. All in all, the balance was definitely positive.

We are made of relationships

Although I enjoyed a seemingly fulfilling life, I always felt a subtle dissatisfaction, although it did not make me unhappy, something was not right, I felt a sense of unfulfillment. In the past, I unconsciously attributed this feeling of discomfort to various external elements, almost totally shifting the blame. Later I realized that we are made up of relationships, turned toward ourselves and outward, be they toward other people, friends, loves, colleagues, authorities, but also environment, society, culture, etc.

transforming adversity into opportunity

I began to understand something about it when I was blessed to find Buddhism. It was a moment of rebirth, where I placed compassion toward myself and others at the center. I began to relate first to myself, recognizing that all challenges are directed toward me and that my fulfillment does not depend on others. I began to understand my true innate potential and learned to see adversity as opportunity without succumbing to it. From here my human revolution began, taking charge of my life and becoming its main actor.

Compassion towards oneself and others, Coaching

Then I lost my job, brutally enough to say, an event that it has the value of making me take a serious and final turn in life. What do I want to be when I grow up? This is the question I ask myself at age 40 and beyond! I find and try Coaching first as a client then intrigued I take courses, fall in love with it and turn it into my current profession. What I find fulfilling in Coaching, and what I share with the principles of Buddhism, is the idea that everything begins with and depends on ourselves. It is steeped in compassion and empathy, free of judgment, and is a journey for and with oneself. It is in itself revolutionary because when we learn to look within and understand that we are naturally creative, resourceful and whole as we are, we begin to transform and improve ourselves. As a result, a domino effect is created that improves all aspects of our lives, when we are good with ourselves, we are also good with the world around us.

Everyday life and passions

I currently live in Ticino, Switzerland, although I remain strongly attached to Marostica (VI), my home town, where I make frequent visits to be with my mother, friends and relatives. I like to get my hands dirty with the earth, I love working in nature respecting it, I grow my vegetable garden and when I can I make wine and oil. I am passionate about cooking, and I also bake bread from time to time. I have always followed Lanerossi Vicenza, my favorite team. I feed on the facts of the world and its global dynamics, with a relentless pursuit of truth, striving for justice and putting the dignity of every human being, without distinction, at the top of everything. Buddhist practice is always at the center of my existence, guiding me to continuous improvement, never to be defeated by adversity. I live by coaching, but I still work on design projects from time to time. My life is enriched not only by the presence of friends and family but especially by my partner and daughter, inexhaustible sources of small and great daily happiness.
About me


About me


University and London
• 1995 - University of Industrial Design Padua
• 1998 - DIESEL Fashion Ind. Molvena ITA, Industrial Designer
• 1999 - ACCESS Magazine. London UK, Creative Designer - Weekend barman.
Creative Works
• 2001 - INVICTA, Treviso, Creative designer
• 2006÷2012 - VALUE DRIVEN CONSULTAN Marostica, Freelance Creative designer
• 2002 - WAGNER & Associati Padova, Creative Designer
• 2005 - BATTAGLIN CICLI Marostica (VI), Creative Director
• 2012 - NAPAPIJRI, VF International Ticino, Visual & Store Designer Manager
• 2018 - IPMA Certified Project Management Associate
• 2018 - I begin my coaching training, at Co-Active Training Institute, 220 hours of training in 3 levels of Courses
• 2023 - I obtain CPCC (Co-Active Training Institute) certification and ACC (International Coach Federation) Certification
• 2020÷2024 - 500+ hours as an assistant and tech-host for Coaching Training Courses

That of the lotus flower is an interesting metaphor.
The more the pond is muddy, putrid, dirty, impure, the more the flower growing in it is white, pure, spotless, great, perfect. The lotus flower symbolizes life, the pond is suffering. The lotus flower, our life, can only be born, grow and manifest there, in the midst of mud, rot, dirt, slime. Pond and flower are one, one inseparable whole just like life and death, darkness and Enlightenment, life and environment, body and mind, cause and effect, self and others.

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