For a more harmonic and performing team

For Team

Assistance in optimising Work Group Performance,
through an in-depth analysis of Work Dynamics and Interpersonal Relations


Improving relations within the team to make it more harmonious and performing.

It is unavoidable to go through the relational dynamics to make a work team more efficient, forgetting this would be a mistake that would lead to a lack of harmony in the long run. It is precisely from there that we must start, looking at the level of satisfaction of the individual, and adding it to the rest of the Team. With coaching support aimed at achieving positive harmony, it will be possible to deal with relational and working dynamics to overcome problems or conflicts, both internal to the Team and external.


1to1 Coaching



On the 1to1 session, the opportunity is created to express oneself freely. The topics covered will focus on job analysis limited to the level of job satisfaction, positive and negative aspects encountered, both towards oneself and towards the team and professionals outside the team. The foundations will be laid on how to approach the group training day.

Group Learning Day



There will be an opportunity to collectively analyse what emerged from the individual sessions, how the level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction may differ from person to person and how direct confrontation can lead to new awareness. Finally, which actions should be addressed to improve the team's performance.

Follow Up


Analysis of objectives achieved and opportunities for improvement

Evaluation of objectives achieved, identification of successes and shortcomings, analysis of possibilities for improvement and definition of necessary actions.

HOw it works

How the program is structured.
Phases, duration & prerequisites.

• Courage, willingness and curiosity to question oneself.

• Being willing to face moments of possible conflict, with the ultimate goal of improving relations within the team.

• Sincerity between the parties.

• Mutual respect.

Individual sessions can be conducted either in-person or online, and training days preferably in-person.

The Program is dedicated to a Team with a maximum of 6 participants at a time; a larger number would take away the opportunity for everyone to interact fruitfully.
The program has a well-defined direction of development, useful as a lantern marking out the road ahead, but organic and free to take other directions according to the needs created in the moment.

PHASE 1 | 1to1 Session
Overview of the personal work situation | Analysis of personal and professional satisfaction within the team | Analysis of positivity and criticality | Relational state towards the team | Approach to the group learning day
PHASE 2 | Group Coaching
• First part of the day
Group analysis of feedback collected during individual sessions | Analysis of how the level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction can be viewed differently from person to person | Definition of strengths and weaknesses
• Second part of the day
New awareness and definition of objectives to be achieved | What actions should be taken to improve team performance.
PHASE 3 | Follow up
Evaluation of the team's performance, what worked, what could have gone better, what did not work | Definition and re-launch of actions to be taken to achieve the objectives set.
PHASE 00| Repeat the module on a periodic basis
On a predefined periodic basis, the previously explained steps can be repeated, in order to keep the level of attention constant and the action to be taken to improve harmony, performance and relations within the team.



Understanding the points of view of other team members will lead to a better understanding of both the problems and strengths of each. Improved actions and attitudes towards others can then be taken, leading to greater harmony and consequently better performance of the team and the business itself.


Improving harmony within a team also makes the individual's work better. Furthermore, by improving the level of personal satisfaction, the individual's own life will also be positively influenced.

Services & Costs

FOR TEAM PROGRAM | cost ranges indicatively from 1.500 CHF/€ for 2 participants to 2.100 CHF/€ for 6 participants
(each individual session is equal to 75 minutes and each training day is equal to 8 hours | costs of used venues and catering are not to be considered included)
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